Advisory Board

“I look back at 30 years of excellent collaboration with the RH Unternehmensgruppe in a multitude of projects throughout all cycles of the real estate sector. The experienced team, led by Robert Hübner, operates in a professional manner at their sites in Munich, Augsburg, Berlin, Dresden and Kitzbühel, covering in particular the asset categories office, commercial, hotel and residential. The group’s expertise guarantees successful implementation of complex project development. The Advisory Board contributes its professional experience and its wide network into the advisory function in the strategic orientation of the company’s targets. We are also the entire team’s point of contact for all project-related matters.“

Rupert Hackl, Chairman

Rupert Hackl, Chairman
Managing Partner of
Rupert Hackl Immoconsult GmbH, Aystetten


            Dr. Bernd Hansen,  Vice-Chairman                      to 2015 Director of the Munich branch office of Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG

Manfred Cronauer, Member of the Advisory Board  Businessman

Michael Wolf, Member of the Advisory Board    Owner of Wolf Law Firm, Gauting (near Munich)

Harald Gründel, Member of the Advisory Board
Senior Partner of „Gründel Preß Petersohn Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft“