The RH Unternehmensgruppe holds shares in operational companies in various sectors. Currently, one central commitment is the Hotel Zoo Berlin Betriebs GmbH, which is responsible for the management of the company’s own hotel “Hotel Zoo Berlin“.

In addition to their core business areas, the RH Unternehmensgruppe sometimes also invests in companies whose exciting projects allow professional combination of a passionate vision and competent strategy.

Matthias Blankenburg

Matthias Blankenburg, Managing Director of Blankenburg Sport & Health GmbH

“Our brand ‘Blankenburgs‘ is directed towards all people who want an individual yet holistic concept for sport and health. We combine medical therapies for body and mind with functional training and up-to-date nutritional advice. It is great that Robert Hübner is also enthusiastic about projects beyond property development and supports these when he is convinced of the strategy, implementation and success in the market. We have been partners now since 2015. For us, as a still young company, this is not only a positive signal that our business concept is future-oriented, but, above all, an opportunity to advance our ideas and innovations and to grow further. We utilize the commercial skills of the RH Unternehmensgruppe, allowing us to focus completely on our core business.“